Because of the issue of “denying lineage” … Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi accuses her husband of defaming her and resorting to the judiciary (video)


The Egyptian actress Hala Sidky filed a memorandum with the Attorney General against one of the lawyers, called Salah El Sakka, who appeared in a video clip in which he accused her of seizing her husband’s money

The Egyptian actress advanced Hala SidqiIn a memorandum to the Attorney General, against one of the lawyers, named Salah El-Sakka, he appeared in a video clip in which he accused her of seizing the money of her husband Sameh Sami, and his talk of filing a denial of paternity lawsuit against her.

The lawyer said during an interview that “there are many issues between the Egyptian artist Sidqi and her husband, who is currently residing in America, most notably the case of denying lineage.”

He added that “Hala Sidqi’s husband did a general power of attorney for her, and he was surprised the next day that she sold a piece of land to herself, during the period of their marriage, the price of which exceeded 60 million pounds, and as a result of that problems began between them and then traveled to America.”

He added that Hala Sidqi had suffered from childbearing problems and traveled to the capital, London, to undergo a microscopic injection, amid doubts from her husband about the children’s lineage to her, stressing that “the artist Sidqi’s husband confirms that Hala is not a mother to the children whom she claims motherhood to them,” and that “the eggs that were taken in London Not for my sincere aura. ”

In a statement circulated by the Egyptian media, Sidqi expressed her shock at these accusations, noting that she was surprised by the video clip in which the lawyer speaks without any legal basis and touches on some of her family matters that have not been decided by the judiciary.

And she warned against circulating any false or misleading information, whether through press news or video clips, regarding her disagreement with her husband, stressing that she will resort to the courts if this happens.

“My lawyer has submitted a memorandum to the Attorney General against this person, as well as my husband, and we will address the Bar Association to investigate the attorney’s statements about that case,” Hala said.

Hala Sidqi opened fire on her husband, saying: “He is trying to harm me and slander me and my reputation, in revenge for me after he lost the issue of alimony, despite my attempts not to address the matter in the media out of my children’s feelings.”

Hala Sidqi had given birth to her husband Sameh Sami, two twin children, who are now 10 years old.

It is noteworthy that Hala Sidqi is participating during the current period in the series “Les La”, which is shown on the electronic platform “Shahid”, and it is starring Amina Khalil, Hani Adel, Sherine Reda, Omar Al-Saeed, Sidqi Sakher, Maryam Al-Khasht, Hala Sidqi, Mohsen Mohieddin, Omar El-Shennawi.

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