Because of the “Corona” … Australian Melbourne imposes a curfew and declares a state of disaster


          Shopping once a day and exercising for no more than an hour per day for residents            </p><div>

          <p>Authorities in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, announced on Sunday a curfew at night, declaring a state of disaster after high levels of Coronavirus infection, mostly due to local infection, despite strong restrictions.

And see the state of Victoria, which is the city of Melbourne, its capital, a second wave of outbreaks of Corona virus since last June, where last Thursday recorded 723 new cases.

Today, Sunday, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said that seven people have died from the virus, bringing the death toll from the virus to the state 123 people, and across Australia a total of 208 cases, adding that Victoria State has recorded 671 new cases of the virus, according to reports German News Agency.

Andrews declared a “state of emergency”, giving the police and other authorities additional powers, in addition to imposing new restrictions, including the suspension of Parliament.

Andrews told reporters in Melbourne: “A curfew will be imposed in the city of Melbourne from 8:00 pm local time (10:00 GMT) this evening and every day.” He continued, “The only reason to leave the house during curfew hours is to provide care, obtain it, or go to work and return from it.”

Andrews explained that the fine for breaching the curfew was $ 1652 ($ 1179), or up to $ 10,000 if the violation was referred to court.

Residents of the city will be allowed to shop once a day and do sports for no more than an hour a day within five kilometers of their homes.

And Andrews stressed, “These are big but necessary steps. We have to limit the movement and transmission of the virus.” He pointed out that “there are 760 mysterious societal infections” whose source cannot be traced, which he described as “an unacceptably high level” and “the biggest challenge facing us.” “This is a public health crisis like a forest fire, but you cannot smell the smell of smoke and do not see the flames,” he said.

Other restrictions include restricting the size of the communities to a maximum of two people, whether they live together or not.

And all weddings in Melbourne have been canceled. It is noteworthy that wearing masks is really compulsory, and that schools and universities will start teaching distance via the Internet starting next Wednesday.

These restrictions and the curfew will remain in effect until September 13.


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