Because of (Corona) … an environmental phenomenon that occurs “for the first time” since the seventies


Ramallah – the world of the homelandThe rate of human consumption of resources on the planet has decreased due to the outbreak of the (Covid-19) pandemic this year, according to a recent environmental report.

Researchers at the Global Ecological Footprint Network, which monitors the consumption of Earth’s resources, estimate that the reduction in human activity due to the pandemic this year has brought rates back to pre-2006, according to (Sky News).

The researchers found that the closures due to the virus led to a decrease, by 9.3%, in what is known as the “environmental footprint”, a unit used by the organization to measure the extent of human consumption of natural resources.

This reflects the decline in what is known as “Earth Overshoot Day”, which is the date when the consumption of resources in a year exceeds the ability of the Earth to replenish those resources that year.

Earth Overshoot Day has decreased from 29 July last year to 22 August this year, reflecting a positive change in 2020.

This transformation, which lasted for three weeks in one year, is the largest ever since the calculation of “exceeding” the Earth began in the 1970s, according to the (Guardian) newspaper.

The rise in the population and the increase in the per capita consumption led to this “overshooting” early in the year, until it reached July, for the first time in 2019.


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