Basil Khayat bid farewell to the first man in his life


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Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”:

The Syrian star was horrified Basil Tailor With the death of the dearest people to his heart, which is his father, Samir Khaled Al-Khayyat, who was very agonized by his departure, and he mourned him with moving and expressive words through his official account on the Instagram website, asking al-Fatiha and praying for his soul, and saying goodbye to him, saying: “My father, I wish that your eyes would fall asleepTwo good things on my face before leaving. AndGoodbye to the first man in my life. Goodbye to your eternal tenderness. Goodbye, Sameer Khaled Al-Khayyat Abu Basil, may God have mercy on you And enter you as spacious as His, Allah, and Me To him we shall return … Al-Fatiha and supplication to him.

While Basil did not announce any information related to burial and solace matters, he did accept the condolences of his colleagues, fans and fans on social media, including the Syrian actor Tim Hassan, who comforted his colleague Khayyat, saying: “My condolences to my dear friend Basil Khayat on the death of his father … have mercy on him. God is a great mercy, and His vast abode is bleak in his darkness today, with the departure of one of her great lovers, the authentic, kind, hospitable Damascene man.

It should be noted that Basil starred in the “Sculptor” series, which was shown in the Ramadan race, and featured three characters. Shooting works for the second part of the series are scheduled to be completed next September in the event that no new developments occur that prevent the completion of this.


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