Basel Khayyat mourns his father in poignant words: Farewell to eternal tenderness


The Syrian star shookBasil Tailor Shortly before the death of his father, who has been in a Damascus hospital two days ago.

Basil accompanied by his parents and his wife

Basil and his grandfather mourned through a post on his account on “Instagram”, in which he said: “My father, I wish that your good eyes fell asleep on my face before you left, goodbye to the first man in my life, goodbye to your eternal tenderness, goodbye Samir Khaled Al-Khayyat Abu Basil, may God have mercy on you and enter you generous His Gardens, that God and to Him we shall return, the Fatiha and supplication to him.

He was the first mourner of the death of Khayyat’s father, artist Tim Hassan, where he wrote a condolence tweet via his Twitter account: “My condolences to my dear friend Basil Khayyat on the death of his father … May God have mercy on him, and he has mercy on him. . We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return ..”.

Basil had appeared on the evening of the first day of the blessed Eid Al-Adha through the “Watan Al-Eid” program on Abu Dhabi TV with the participation of the star Abed Fahd, and he hinted during the meeting that he was going through an embarrassing family situation.

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