Bartomeo reveals the fate of the Laotaro Martinez deal … and explains the possibility of Neymar’s return


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Confirmed Josep Maria Bartomeo, President club Barcelona, that back The star Brazilian Neymar to me Castle Camp نو Through season Transfers Next She is impossible.

وقال Bartomeo in a Statements I moved it newspaperSportSpanish: ”No We can Negotiation On Neymar annexed in a Circumstances Current, Paris San German No Wants release about him, and he Command logical ل .نه From Best لاعبي the world“.

وتابع: ”we tried the summer the past Contract With The player In all seriousness, let it go in a the summer Present No We can Fight Negotiations Once Other Due Conditions Economics, The situation Present No Allow Our Concluded Deals Huge“.

و .ضاف Bartomeo: ”Lost The club 200 Million euro between شهري March ويونيو Because crisis Corona, وإذا continue The situation On What he is on him Concerning Non Presence masses it will be Losses Larger Through Period Coming“.

وعند His question About Deal Combine The star Argentine لاوتارو Martinez Attacker Inter Milan, He answered Bartomeo: ”We talked With Management Inter about لاوتارو On Bezel The weeks The few The past, let it go Done Suspension Conversations By agreement between The two clubs. The situation Present No Allow Start Spending Sums big On Combine Players“.

Say: ”Think that Period Coming will not Testify Which Deals Major, On the least Will be over there More From Deals Interchangeability. impressed all Clubs European The crisis Economics, We are We work All of them On Adaptation. will not is being This لمدة Year the unit Only, may be Continue لمدة Reach to me 3 or 4 Years“.


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