Bartomeo: Messi will retire in Barcelona


Bartomeo: Messi will retire in Barcelona

Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeo, in an interview with “BN Sports”, talked about some of the issues related to the team.

He said about the future of coach Kiki Sitten: “He has a contract and the next season will be a different season, some young people from the second team such as Arachao, Anso and Ricky Puig will enter formally, also will be joined by Pedri, Pjanic and Trinkao.”

As for the future of Messi, he explained: “Messi has said many times that he wants to retire here, he is part of Barcelona and the best player for Barcelona and Barcelona, ​​the best club for him, will definitely retire with Barcelona.”

And about the Champions League, he said: “We have positive feelings and the players are training with great desire, we put great hopes on the Champions League.”


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