Barcelona star outside Coman accounts


The new coach of Dutch club Barcelona, ​​Ronald Koman announced that he had learned a lot from his late compatriot Johan Cruyff in the field of the game.

“(Johan) Cruyff was one of the people I learned the most from, especially during the dream team period (1988-1996). Not only as a player, but also as a coach. We had the best combination: we played attacking football and we won,” Koeman said in an interview with the club’s TV channel. With titles. ”

Cruyff was coach of the “Blaugrana” during the period when Koeman played in the team, and led them to win local and continental titles.

The former coach of the Netherlands national team added: “It’s the philosophy that we will try to be at Barcelona. Playing great football for the fans to have fun, and to win, of course, because that’s the most important thing.”

Coman talked about the star of the Argentine team, Lionel Messi, who met with him last week and raised many rumors about him that he wanted to leave the team, “It is my pleasure that there is a player like Messi in the team. He, with his quality, will find room for development of the team.”

Coman gave an overview of the features of the person who would be on the bench for the Catalan team: “I am a coach who loves discipline and good organization. I like to control the game. We Dutch love attacking football. I like being direct and communicating well with the players. I make the points clear. Fast, and I try to convey the message clearly. ”

He continued, “My family has always asked me to live normally as a football player. That draws a lot of attention to you, but you have to be the star on the field, not outside.”

Regarding his fellow countryman, Frankie de Jong (23 years), he considered “the performance he has presented so far is very good,” noting that it was not easy for a young player who came to the team, “he is a player who has a future for Barcelona.”

At the same time that the interview was broadcasting, the Catalan radio “RIC1” announced that Koeman had informed the Uruguayan player Luis Suarez that he was out of his accounts for the next season.

“Nobody in the club told me he wanted to give up my services. I hope for the best for the team and I plan to continue. I can still contribute a lot to Barcelona,” the 33-year-old striker, who still has one year on his contract, told the Spanish newspaper El País.

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