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The Catalan newspaper “Sport”, close to Barcelona, ​​revealed that Lionel Messi had settled for quite some time on the identity of his new club, and said that the matter was carefully planned by his father and his business manager, along with a number of his assistants. On the other hand, Barcelona club president Joseph Bartomeu’s response to what has become known as the “fax” crisis was not late, and said that he would not resign from the club’s presidency, and would assume his responsibility in the next difficult period.

Sport confirmed that the man who managed Lionel Messi’s business for a long time and was a direct reason for his move to play with Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Minghella, assured her that Messi had already settled, by agreement with his father, to play at Inter Milan in the coming period. He said that he was aware of this information as he was in a close relationship with the player.

Mingela denied that Messi is thinking of playing in England, and said that choosing Italy is important for him, especially with regard to taxes, besides that he loves the Italian atmosphere, just as his father had previously bought a house there months ago. He said that Intermilan had already communicated with the player and his father, and informed them of his new project with the support of the Chinese owners, and that there was a great consensus, before Barcelona’s historic 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the European Champions.

Messi had detonated a “bomb” yesterday evening, when the club’s management confirmed to the media that it had received a “fax” from Messi confirming his desire to leave the club and that he was ready for negotiations in this regard. After the votes were raised against the club president, Joseph Bartomeu, who is not in good relationship with Messi, and demanded that he resign in order to persuade Messi to stay, some media outlets published news about Bartomeu’s thinking to submit his resignation, but the president himself did not delay in responding to Messi’s fax, and the pressures. It will stay until the next elections.

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