Barcelona News: Former Madrid: Barcelona is a candidate to cross Naples, but!



Sport 360 – Manolo Sanchez, a former Spanish Real Madrid player, believes that Barcelona Candidate to cross the Italian team Napoli and qualify for the quarter-finals Champions League.

Barca achieved the result of a tie for each team in the first leg at the stadium of San Paulo, before the Champions League competition was stopped due to the spread of Versus Corona fresh “Covid – 19”.

Pantic: Barcelona are lucky to score a goal going in front of Napoli

Although Sanchez nominated Barca to cross at the expense of Naples, the former Madrid captain warned the Catalan club against the treachery of the Italian team.

And Manolo said, according to a newspaper Spanish sport “Barcelona’s dressing room sees Napoli as a complicated opponent because of the position the team is currently in.”

“Barcelona, ​​the candidate to cross at the expense of Naples, but they have to be careful, they will play against an Italian team,” he added.

As for the former Atletico Madrid player Milenko Pantic, he said about the matter: “Barcelona did not give me good feelings, especially after we saw Napoli against Juventus in the Italian Cup.

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