Ayman Zidan: I may be sad, but I am not disappointed


The able Syrian actor Ayman Zaidan revealed that many of his fans ask him about the reason for his absence, and if he is frustrated, to show them that during his absence from television works, he participated in cinematic and narrative projects and directed several plays, stressing that attendance and achievement are not related only TV drama.

Zidan published photos of his works that he talked about, and commented by saying: “Many lovers and friends ask me the same question … Why are you absent? … where are you … and what is the secret of this absence …? Why are you frustrated and discouraged? … At a moment this question confused me and I began to search for the answer … I simply discovered that during the six years of absence from television I starred in four fictional films … The Father … The Path of Sama … War Travelers … Youssef’s Journey … and I produced two fictional films “Amina” … “Dark Clouds” … and a medium-length fictional film, “The Mountains of the Sun”, she wrote two story groups, Pain and Details …. She produced four plays … The Circle of Chalk … The Kidnapping and Fabrica and three stories …. is it possible All this and they ask you about the absence …? Or read what I write that I am disappointed … What irritates me that the attendance and achievement is related to TV drama only …? It is one of the traits of the painful phase.

(I may be sad, but I am not disappointed) …. Many lovers and friends ask me the same question … Why are you absent? ..where are you …..

Published by Ayman Zedan On Friday, August 21, 2020

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