Away from “Apple” … a new season of “Fortnite” soon


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“Epic Games” is preparing to launch the new season of “Fortnite” on August 27th, but players who use “iPad” and “iPhone” devices will not be able to try the new version that shows full cooperation with “Marvel”. Because of the dispute between the company developing the game and “Apple”. However, this matter may change if matters reach an agreement and a solution between the two parties.

And “Apple” withdrew the game from the App Store on August 13, after “Epic Games” added a direct payment system to the game, which contravenes the rules of the App Store.

Also, Google pulled the game from its store, but given that Android is open source, the game can be downloaded from the “Epic Games” website and other stores.

However, “Epic Games” filed a lawsuit against Apple, released a short in-game clip mocking one of Apple’s most famous commercials, and began telling iOS players that they would not be able to play the next season, because Apple withdrew Fortnite from the store.

Fortnite and Marvel’s collaboration will not be the first of its kind, as Marvel characters have appeared in the game many times before. The character appearing in the new teaser appears to be (Thor) in the style of his 2020 illustrated book series.

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Fortnite, the popular game that is loved by fans of electronic games and affiliated with the company of Epic Games, has reached the number of users about 250 million people around the world, or maybe more who play this game.


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