Asala left Lebanon the day before the explosion: I do not know, I am happy or sad!


The Syrian actress Asala expressed her grief over Lebanon after the powerful explosion that shook Beirut yesterday, and resulted in thousands of victims.

Asala had left Lebanon only one day before the explosion, which made her write on her page: (If there are events that are classified according to logic and in the sense of the rank of disbelief … so what has become today … what has become caused by inhumanity .. I lover for it, the death of the country is a confused feeling. I am not able to rejoice that I returned yesterday from the homeland of my soul, Lebanon, because I, with my overwhelming feeling, wished to be with my friends who traveled exclusively with them).

I continued: (Because in Beirut his brother, the people of the family of partners, success, energy, hope, and joy compete with my energy and increase my happiness, oh Lord save Lebanon .. save Beirut .. barb to honor your majesty … God bless your justice … Lord your mercy … Lord of your kindness.

Asala Nasri decided to travel to Lebanon immediately after Cairo International Airport resumed its flights out of the country on the first of July, after a period of interruption due to precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the Corona virus.

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Asala traveled to Beirut, and she met her friends there, led by fashion designer Nikola Gibran, who posted a picture of their gathering and a writer commented on it: “My wonderful friend Asala is here, I miss you.”


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