Artwork that has starred in other stars … Get to know it


Exciting artistic scenes stand behind many of the artworks that were shown and met with great success. Many do not know that some of the works would have been allocated to stars other than their heroes.

The art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi spoke to about some of the scenes of these works, especially the play “The School of the Rioters”, which was starred by Adel Imam, Younis Shalabi and Saeed Saleh.

This work was almost presented without Adel Imam, after a dispute occurred between him and the producing company, and the role of “Bahjat Al-Abasiri” was assigned to Muhammad Subhi, who for weeks performed the rehearsals for the role.

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However, Adel Imam returned again to the play before raising the curtain and showing it to the public, without Mohamed Sobhi taking part in it despite his participation in rehearsals.

In the play “Raya and Sakina”, the artist Ahmed Badir achieved a great success in the role of “Abdel-Al”, despite the fact that he presented the role as an alternative to the artist Hamdi Ahmed, who was excluded after his participation in the beginnings of the work.

Al-Shinnawi recounted what happened, saying that Hamdi Ahmed first performed the role, before Shadia decided to exclude him from the play, when I heard him expressing his anger over the audience’s great interaction with her on the stage, which provides her first theater experience.

It was not Shadia except that I informed the production of the need to exclude Hamdi Ahmed, saying: “This is Mejesh Tani.” Indeed, the production made contacts with Ahmed Badir and Najah Al-Muji in order to play the role of “Abdel-Al” in the theatrical performance.

Al-Shennawi confirmed that Ahmed Badir told him how the producing company contacted him and told him that he had priority in participating in the play, provided that he agreed to the matter within 24 hours only, which he already responded to, and got the role.

In the movie “The Dancer and the Drummer”, Ahmed Zaki achieved great success with the audience, but the audience does not know that Zaki was the third option in order to present the starring role in this work.

The role was first offered to Adel Imam, who initially agreed to participate in the film, but after reading the text he asked to present the role that Adel Adham played in the events.

However, the director Ashraf Fahmy rejected the matter, especially since he had already contracted with Adel Adham. After that, the same role was offered to Muhammad Sobhi, who justified this refusal by his preoccupation with theatrical work, to choose Ahmed Zaki in the end.

It seems that Ahmed Zaki had many similar situations, and perhaps what happened between him and the director Muhammad Khan in the movie “Al-Harif” is the best proof of this.

As Ahmed Zaki was scheduled to play the starring “Al-Harif”, and when Khan visited him at his home, he was surprised by his contradiction with what he was asked not to cut his hair and mustache. Khan became angry and quarreled with Zaki and excluded him from the movie starring.

Khan assigned the role to Adel Imam, which prompted Ahmed Zaki to introduce the movie “The Black Panther” in the same year, and he managed to achieve very high revenues in the face of the movie “The Client”.

As for the movie “Knight of the City” directed by Muhammad Khan, a similar thing happened to him, as Ahmed Zaki was the first movie hero, but he retreated in the last moments and decided not to play the title role.

Muhammad Khan had no choice but to communicate with Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz to play the role of the championship. Abdel-Aziz requested a period of two months to respond, which Muhammad Khan refused and decided to bring Mahmoud Hamida and give him the title role.


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