Artist Rami Ayash reveals his wife’s injuries in the Beirut explosion and screams with soreness: “We are tired. He got rid” (video)




Dalida Ayyash, the wife of the artist Rami Ayash, was injured in the explosion of the port that happened yesterday in Beirut. A video clip of her was being treated while she was hospitalized, and he cried with her pain: We got tired.

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Artist Rami Ayash assured the audience of the health of his wife, and wrote: “I thank everyone who asked about Dalida without exception. They overwhelmed me with your love and concern, God willing, and I will provide you with her wounds distributed between her forehead, nose, hands and feet, but thank God for everything. The calamity and loss of others is greater than A little bit, “he added, adding:” Children cut off from their parts, and people who are swimming in their blood, we have come to help more than we do. “

Artist Rami Ayash reveals his wife's injuries in the Beirut explosion and screams with pain:

He continued: “The scenes of what we were giving birth to our children, they see them. May God heal all the wounded and have mercy on all those who separated us. We would live in peace because our labor was saved.”

His elder son wrote on “Instagram” “Oh God, save my mother’s mother, the paradise of the world and the happiness of life.”

Source: RT


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