Armed appearance of Hezbollah in Zahle … and in confusion


Media users transferred photos of armed elements carrying the banners of Hezbollah, taken at the roundabout of the Zahleh Highway. These photos created confusion, and they were met with widespread condemnation of these appearances, the most prominent of which was Representative George Aqis, who wrote on his page to Facebook: “Zahle is a city of peace that welcomes all the people of the country who enter in peace as its people live in it. As for those who enter it are armed with weapons, we tell them that you mistake the address. And the security forces say for the umpteenth time: We, as civil officials in this city, believe in our security institutions, we demand that we protect us from any provocative armed appearance, so do not embarrass us to keep silent about them, so we can show the appearance of the helpless surrenderer, or by denouncing it publicly, so we appear as the instigators of conflict-fueled, and we are neither one nor the other. Rather, we are students of security and reassurance. It is the responsibility of you to preserve them. Peace be upon those who want peace. ”

These photos are attributed to the funeral procession of Hizballah official in the central sector of the Bekaa, Khidr Zuaiter, who became Muslim last Saturday, after suffering from cancer. These appearances were witnessed along the route that the funeral procession crossed, and the Zahle highway was on the line of the procession that started from Jalala to the town of the church, where Zuaiter was buried in the burial. Rather, it was more severe in many areas, attributed to Hezbollah, in terms of heavy gunfire, with various weapons when crossing the procession, and social media abounded in condemning the shooting that endangered the safety of citizens.

A catastrophic red streak and beware what awaits us in the fall!


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