Arabsat is preparing to manufacture the moon “Badr 8”


Riyadh – the country

Arabsat is preparing to manufacture the “Badr-8” satellite, which is the first of the seventh generation satellite and is expected to be launched at the beginning of 2023. The Arab Satellite Communications Corporation signed a contract with Airbus Defense and Space Company to manufacture the moon. The satellite will be built using the new Airbus platform that was newly designed for satellites. Television broadcasting and fixed-orbit communications, which is a quantum leap in the field of satellite manufacturing, by increasing broadcasting payload capabilities with energy-efficient and thermal control systems, and the use of electric propulsion systems, which extends the operational life of the satellite, and reduces the manufacturing period of the moon significantly.

The moon (Badr-8) includes a new technology for optical communication, as it contains an added payload used by Airbus to study the effect of weather factors on light radiation (lasers) sent from the ground to the satellite, where it is expected that the light rays represent a shift. Quality in the future satellites industry. The new moon (Badr-8), the first of the seventh generation, will cover the Middle East and large parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.


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