Apply the principles to yourself … an attack on Youssef El-Sharif because of his wife’s image


Al-Madina News: – The artist Youssef Al-Sharif was attacked by a number of his followers after he published a photo of him with his wife on the occasion of celebrating Eid Al-Adha.The artist, known to the public for his love for him, garnered many abusive comments because of his wife’s clothes, which some described as inconsistent with the ideas advocated by her husband, who announced his refusal to come into contact with women in his artwork.

Many of Youssef Al-Sharif’s followers demanded that he apply his principles to his wife, refusing to publish an ordinary picture of her with her hair, her hand naked, and ordinary jeans.
The pioneers of social networking sites were divided between a defender of Youssef El Sharif and his freedom to publish his photos with his free wife also in wearing what she wants, and an attacker for him because of his contradictory statements about public morals and traditions in works of art and his personal life that does not apply to his words.Some of the pioneers of social networking sites also held Youssef El Sharif responsible for the attack after he brought religion into the art and imposed conditions on the outside of it. He turned the artist who refuses to touch it into a nakedness, so it was natural for his fans to deal with the same logic with his wife, which was already said by many Communication activists, meaning “This is your merchandise, I replied to you.”

Others defended Youssef El-Sharif and did not see any contradiction between his statements and statements on the one hand, and this image on the other hand, describing it as very ordinary.

Youssef El-Sharif has not yet responded to the attack campaign, especially as it was the first attack from his lover audience, which probably indicates that he lost part of his great public support.


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