Apple will not force WordPress to offer in-app purchases


Apple’s dispute with WordPress over in-app purchases ended once it began. WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg has revealed that Apple has reviewed the WordPress iOS app and decided that it does not need to integrate in-app purchases.

Mullenweg has pledged that his team will do their best to respect App Store rules, including eliminating any potential WordPress app vulnerabilities.

While Mullenweg did not explain the reason for the change, Apple said in a statement that it believed the concern had been resolved after the developer reportedly withdrew a mention

Payment options.

The company said it is now a free, standalone app and does not have to use Apple’s in-app purchase system, adding that it apologizes for any confusion it caused.

The Verge also indicated, though, that any aforementioned paid plan may have been removed long before Apple froze app updates.

You can’t buy these plans either, and any references to them disappeared before Apple convinced Mullenweg to add purchases

Inside the app.

He added that Apple had rejected previous offers to withdraw further discussions about paid plans, in other words, Apple might have re-examined the app after a public backlash.

Whatever the motives, the incident increases the scrutiny of Apple’s app store policies, Epic Games has already prompted Apple to rethink its requirements in hopes of raising more revenue from Fortnite, while Microsoft has drawn attention to policies that effectively ban cloud gaming services.

This comes on top of the antitrust investigations and a growing coalition of non-gaming firms calling for changes.

Put simply, this dust happened at the worst possible time for Apple – the solution helps WordPress and its users, but it won’t put an end to the wider conflict.


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