Apple prevents Facebook from telling users what it takes from app taxes


On Thursday, Facebook told Reuters: Apple has rejected its attempt to tell users that the iPhone maker will cut 30% of its sales in a new feature for online events, forcing Facebook to delete the message to deliver the tool to users.

Facebook said: Apple has cited an app store rule that prevents developers from showing “irrelevant” information to users.

The company, which has the largest social network in the world, said: “Now more than ever before; Having the option to help people understand where the money they intend to donate to small businesses is actually going. Unfortunately, Apple has refused our 30% transparency notice regarding its 30% taxes, but we are still working to make this information available within the app experience. ”

Apple prevents Facebook from telling users what it takes from app taxes

Facebook said earlier this month: It plans to roll out a new tool that would allow online influencers and other companies to host paid events online as a way to make up for lost revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company said it asked Apple to waive its 30% taxes on in-app purchases so that Facebook could transfer all event revenue to business owners, but Apple refused.

Facebook had aimed to notify users about the truncation of Apple, according to models released at the time, but Reuters found on Thursday that the promised message was not present in the new events feature. Reuters also found that the company also planned to tell users on the Google Play store that it would not collect fees for ticket sales, but this message was also not displayed.

In a widespread public wave of criticism over the commissions for the Apple App Store, Facebook has joined other developers, such as: Epic Games, the developer of the famous Fortnite game, which is suing Apple over the antitrust claims regarding the fees. Facebook and Apple are also arguing about privacy rules for the upcoming iOS 14, which will require more notifications before users are tracked across apps.

The two companies, as well as Google and Amazon, face multiple investigations into their alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Source: Arab portal


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