Apple apologizes to the WordPress founder for forcing him to add in-app purchases


Earlier, the founder of WordPress announced that Apple had threatened to prevent updates for its application from arriving on its store unless it got its estimated 30% even though the application is completely free.

After this strange statement, anger raged among many users on the Internet, which forced Apple to make an official apology and allow the WordPress site to work without any restrictions or pressure.

And through an official statement, Apple said that the problem has been resolved regarding the WordPress application, as the developer removed the payment options for the service and now the application is free and he will not have to make purchases inside.

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And Apple added, we have informed the developer of the matter and we apologize for any misunderstanding caused by it, as the American company wanted to solve the problem from the beginning before it got worse, and WordPress joined the list of companies that are fighting their war with the Apple store.

Therefore, Apple acquiesced this time to the WordPress application and immediately responded to its requests, as Apple decided that trying to obtain its percentage from a free application by imposing in-app purchases is not worth fighting, especially in this difficult period that it is going through.

Apple is fighting a fierce war with the Fortnite game after the first removed the game from the store when the game developer IPIC added its own payment system away from the Apple system, and thus the game violated Apple’s application store policies and from here the war began.

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