An “unexpected” surprise in the price of the upcoming iPhone


Many bet that the “Apple” company would launch “iPhone 12” phones at encouraging prices in order to raise sales, especially in light of intense competition with “Samsung” and “Huawei”, but the upcoming devices will probably be the most expensive.

According to “Forbes” website, the “iPhone 12” phone, which will witness the removal of a number of advantages while others will be added, will be the most expensive in the history of the device, and the price may rise by $ 150 compared to what was expected.

The leaks indicate that the price of the “iPhone 12” phone will start at $ 749, while the “iPhone 12 Plus” will reach $ 1099, while the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” will be the most expensive ever, $ 1199.

And if these reports are correct, the price of the upcoming iPhone will have increased by $ 150, and this means that the difference between the “iPhone 11” and “iPhone 12 Plus”.

The upcoming iPhone 12 will start from a 5.4-inch screen, while the iPhone 12 Plus screen will reach 6.1 inches, amid expectations that a fundamental change will occur at the design level.

Previous leaks revealed that the edges of the iPhone 12 will be flat, not round and curved, as Apple users have been accustomed to in previous years.

This increase in prices has become a subject of controversy among technical experts, as there are those who attribute it to the provision of the expected iPhone with the “fifth generation” network, while it is not available to most smartphone users in the world, and it is known that the chip of this network is very expensive.

This rise in prices comes after the company “Apple” decided to transfer all phone screens from “LCD” to “OLED” the most advanced, which means an increase in the manufacturing cost.

In order to reduce this cost, some reports stated that the “Apple” company will remove the charger from the attachments that it has been providing along with the phone, and it is likely that it will suffice to provide the “cable” for charging and data transmission only, in order to force the user to purchase the charger separately.

Matters will not stop at this solution, but Apple has likely reduced the battery power, and will not give the AirPods in the box that includes the new and exciting phone around the world.


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