An unexpected reaction from German health about the Russian Corona vaccine


Today, Tuesday, the German Ministry of Health showed a conservative response to the vaccine against the “Covid-19” virus, known as the emerging corona, which Russia announced today.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, earlier in the day, the registration of the world’s first anti-corona virus vaccine, and said that one of his daughters had obtained it.

According to what was reported by government media, during a meeting with members of the government, via video conference technology: “I have been informed that a vaccine against the Corona virus was recorded this morning, for the first time in the world.”

A spokeswoman for the German Ministry of Health said, in statements to the “Deutschland” newspaper editorial network: “There are no data yet known regarding the quality, effectiveness and non-danger of the Russian vaccine.”

And the spokeswoman added that “the declaration of a vaccine in Europe requires, in addition to proving its drug quality, the availability of sufficient information from clinical trials to prove its effectiveness and risk.”

And she emphasized, that a positive result must be demonstrated to the risk of using the drug compared to the benefit from it before it can be used on a large scale.

In the same context, he points out that the vaccine was developed by the National “Gamalia” Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Research, affiliated to the Russian Ministry of Health, and was tested on a small number of people as part of a study.

The authorization to take the drug before the results of large clinical studies are released conflicts with the usual international procedure.


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