An international award for the Saudi photographer, Yemen Al-Manala


Saudi photographer Yaman Muhammad Al-Manla, member of the “International Federation of Photography” and “American Society of Photography”, won the first place for the best photo in the category “Night Photography” in the first international electronic photo competition 2020 organized by the Arab League for Creativity and Human Sciences in the Kingdom of Morocco .The Saudi photographer won the award for the “Moment of Light” photo she took at the International Equestrian Festival, which was held in Tisa, Morocco, in 2019, with the participation of 9,484 photographers from around the world.

For its part, Yemen Al-Manla expressed her great happiness in representing her homeland, Saudi Arabia, and her achievement of this award belongs to the homeland first, expressing her pleasure with this new achievement that is added to the series of achievements of Saudi photographers. She said: “I participated in a lot of competitions as a Saudi photographer and won honorable awards, including silver, bronze and honorable medals, noteworthy that had a positive impact in motivating me to develop my level of photography and compete with the world’s leading photographers until I achieve my ambition to get first place and win the finest medal in the competitions.” Al-Manla added that her victory in the first place represents a great pride for her, as she hopes to raise the name of the Kingdom in international forums and participate with fellow photographers who have achieved many awards and titles in the field of photography in various international competitions.

It is noteworthy that Saudi photographer Yemen Al Manla, who loves to photograph horses and desert, continuously participates in international and local photography competitions, and has participated in more than 50 international participation supervised by the International Fiap and the American Photography Association, and has won several awards, the most important of which are the Avan International Competition and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques exhibition in Washington On the occasion of the National Day and the 2014 World Cup in Italy, 123 photos were accepted in various competitions, resulting in 17 awards.


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