An Arab woman ranked fourth … the list of the richest 10 families in the world


Despite the crisis imposed by the Corona pandemic, this did not stop the growth of the wealth of some of the richest families in the world.

According to a classification published by “Bloomberg“The 25 richest families own about $ 1.4 trillion of the world’s total wealth.

The Walton family, which owns the Walmart store chain, still holds the first position on the list, after adding $ 25 billion to its wealth recently, due to the boom and improvement of sales, while the retail sector in the United States is suffering from the decline.

Here is a list of the 10 richest families in the world, which includes an Arab family that ranks fourth in the ranking:

The Walton Family, United States

Sam Walton chain store Walmart Corporation

The wealth of the American Walton family is estimated at $ 215 billion, and third-generation family members still control retail giant Walmart.

It is estimated that this family’s wealth is increasing by three million dollars every hour.

The Mars family, United States

The fortune of the March family is estimated at $ 120 billion

The fortune of the March family is estimated at $ 120 billion

The Mars family is wealthy and five consecutive generations, and they work in two different sectors, sweets and animal care products.

This family owns $ 120 billion, and its founder, Frank Mars, who was born in 1883, was a student with polio and could not even go to school on his feet.

Koch family, United States

The revenue of Koch Industrial Group of Companies is estimated at 115 billion dollars

The revenue of Koch Industrial Group of Companies is estimated at 115 billion dollars

The wealth of the American Koch family working in the industrial sector is estimated at $ 110 billion, while the revenue of their group of companies is estimated at $ 115 billion annually.

The Al Saud family, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The wealth of the Al Saud family is estimated at $ 95 billion, and is the royal family in Saudi Arabia. Bloomberg says that the Saudi crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who is from the third generation of this family, controls institutions with assets of more than a billion dollars, and rumors circulate that he possesses the world’s most valuable artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci on his boat.

The Ambani family, India

“Dhirubhai” the founder of this family began in 1957 to establish his wealth after he returned to India from Yemen, and the family’s wealth now reaches 81 billion dollars.

This family works in various industrial sectors and controls the largest oil refining complex in India.

Hermes family, France

The Hermes family is worth $ 64 billion, and the family owns a chain of stores that specializes in selling precious goods.

He was founded by Terry Hermes in 1837 when he owned a shop specialized in manufacturing horse riding equipment for the nobility.

The Wertheimer Family, France

The Wertheimer brothers managed to return the sparkle to the family’s business in precious commodities, and their grandfather had funded the work of designer Coco Chanel in Paris, and they now own $ 54 billion.

Johnson Family, United States

The Johnson family owns more than $ 46 billion, which had started operating in the area of ​​financial and investment funds in 1946, and is currently controlled by Abigail Johnson.

Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany

This German family has nearly $ 46 billion, and has been working for more than 130 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Albrecht family, Germany

This family began its work in the retail sales sector in 1913 after it opened a store in the German city of Essen, and it continued to grow to own a large chain of retail stores around the world, and the family’s wealth is estimated at 41 billion dollars.

The founder of this wealth, Theo Albrecht, was kidnapped in 1971, and paid a ransom for his release of two million dollars after he remained with the kidnappers for 17 days.


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