An application that protects your Android phone from the threat of espionage .. Learn about it


Cameras in modern phones are among the most important technologies possessed by these devices, but these technologies may sometimes be used to spy on users, to reduce the risk of spying and protect the privacy of phone owners, especially those working with Android systems. You can download an application that appeared recently for this purpose.

And what’s unique about the application Access Dots It is that it provides Android phones with the same new security feature that Apple announced recently, and has promised that it will appear in copies iOS 14 Waiting, which alerts the phone owner when his phone’s camera or microphones are activated, according to Russia Today.

The principle of work of the new application is very simple, after downloading it in the phone and activating it, a small bright spot in a certain color will appear at the top of the screen if the camera of the phone is activated or used by any other application, as well as a different color sign will appear if the microphones are activated, and it is distinguished that these points It will appear to the user even if his phone screen is locked.

This matter, according to experts, will alert phone owners to making cameras and microphones for their phones, and will protect them from the risk of espionage, especially since some suspicious applications exploit cameras and microphones to eavesdrop on the user without his knowledge sometimes, and send that data to third parties without the user’s knowledge.

It is worth noting that the IOS 14 system will include another task to control who tracks you online, as the company has provided users with two options that can be chosen from them, one of which is explicit refusal and banning any application that tries to track it online with the aim of collecting his personal data to target him with ads, which will constitute a major blow for advertising companies, Like Facebook and Google, as Apple announced that in order to track you online in order to send targeted advertisements to you, you must request the applications that follow you, such as: Facebook and Google express permission from you to do so on the iPhone.


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