An actor mocks Ilham Al-Fadala, Haya Al-Shuaibi and Haifa: Your words are impulsive – video


Kuwaiti actress Ilham Al-Fadala and Haya Al-Shuaibi attacked their fellow famous Bahraini actress, Zahra Arafat, after appearing with the broadcaster, Asrar Al-Saeed, on the (Aal Saif) program, and touched on the money laundering issue in which many celebrities were involved, and talked about whether the advertisements they present The exorbitant wealth was achieved, as they claimed, to state without fear, and she said that art and advertising do not achieve great wealth, nor do they secure a decent and full life.

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The Saudi actor, Abdul Majid Al-Kinani, defended Zahra Arafat, who dealt with the Al-Fadala attack of Ethiopian origin, and with Al-Shuaibi with respect, as do the residents of Bahrain, and ridiculed Al-Fadala’s statements, which she said received an amount of 90,000 Saudi riyals for one of her series.

And the actor published a scene from the series, in which Al-Fadhal and Haya and Tololan appear in a ridiculous way, and commented:

(A comic scene whose value ranges from 90,000 Kuwaiti Dinars).

The famous Bahraini artist, Haifa Hussein, defended her citizenship, Zahra Arafat, saying: (I do not like to interfere in the disagreement between people on social media … but this topic is specifically because of my daughter Zahra Arafat, the first thing I greet her .. The second thing is She said her point of view with respect and appreciation to everyone, be it artists or celebrities).

And she continued: (The second message to my colleagues who responded to them on social media, of course I love them, respect them and give them hospitality on Instagram, and therefore what is in my heart for them is nothing but good, but the important thing is to tell you that it is a flower that does not mean anything... And if, in anything, I hope that the best of you will come from this impulsive talk, which had no reason, especially since you know that there are many accounts that are trolling and spreading these matters and growing up).

And she ended her speech: (I hope everyone will gift a little play .. and believe me, a flower that has lived in Kuwait for a long time, and it is nothing but all respect and appreciation for the Kuwaiti people, and between you and among them are all the beautiful memories, so what you deserve is nothing but all good .. and she remains a guest with you, and you are generous and she deserves ).

Suleiman Al-Bernawi – Algeria


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