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The poet and scriptwriter Medhat Al-Adl praised the song “O our country, my sweet,” by singer Amr Diab, which he presented in conjunction with the blessed Eid Al-Adha.

“What is the value of any song? To convey to you the feeling that its creators intended … sadness, joy, imprisonment, etc.,” Al-Adl wrote on Twitter’s Twitter site.

He continued: “If you are not critical and an analyst, and most of us are not, then we should (feel) the song and not analyze it. If you enjoyed it, the song will succeed, Amr’s song, O our country, oh sweet, delightful, beautiful, and made me happy, but salvation.”

It was the song “Ya Baladna Ya Helweh” by Amr Diab. The trend of the video site YouTube was released less than 24 hours after its launch.

“O our country, my sweetness,” a song in the love of Egypt, written by Tamer Hussein and composed by Aziz Al-Shafi’i, and distributed by Tariq Madkour.

Amr Diab finished filming the song a few days ago with director Tariq Al-Arian, in a number of archeological and tourist areas in Cairo. Diab and El-Erian were keen to present a love letter to Egypt by highlighting its beauty that is rooted in its civilization and archaeological areas, and its ancient streets and historical buildings.

Work makers were keen to show the Egyptian cultural and civilizational identity through the song, which represents the faces of Egyptians an important part of it.

It is noteworthy that the great star Amr Diab launched his latest album, “Sahran”, which was a great success last February, as it issued the highest-list lists through various music applications.

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