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Amr Diab from Egypt said to “O our country, my sweet” “O our country, sweet with sweet people … and sweet people in our country are many”, is the most widely circulated sentence now on the tongues of millions of Egyptians, a few days after the release of the song of the great star Amr Diab, the new national O our country, oh sweet, “who completely touched everyone’s hearts and made them in a special state of joy, to retrieve their beautiful feelings and memories engraved inside them over the years, and to show off the governorates and cities of Egypt.
Amr Diab fans used to receive pure Egyptian songs that sang their ears and dazzled their eyes, and shared their different moments between sadness, joy and nostalgia for a full decade, and to return to 2011 when “Egypt said” and honoring the plateau for the January 25 revolution and the revolutionaries, passing everyone’s search To show their love in all ways through the song “Balash Al-Baad”, which mimics the deep love between Egypt and its children.
And passing through “Cairo” and talking about her magic and the kindness of her family with the star Mohamed Mounir for the first time together, and “joy tonight” to celebrate the rise of the Egyptian national team to the World Cup after 30 years of absence, to “gather your loved ones” in Ramadan and nostalgia for the past among family and friends, and this The year with his masterpiece “Oh our country, oh sweet” and showcasing the beauty of Egypt and Egyptians.
Egypt said

The meaning of the song was very clear at the time of its release after the January 25 revolution in 2011, by honoring and recognizing the right of the revolutionaries from the youth of Egypt, who did not hold back the precious and precious of their country, and the voice of Diab was affected by the situation, along with the words of the late poet Majdi Al-Najjar on a more than wonderful melody from Composing Amr Diab himself.
And you will find this clearly in the lyrics of the song: “Egypt said the voice of my children is the word of truth in my country … they are the states of the mystery of the challenge … they are the states of Zahra Jihadi. And he has a resurrection like what the book said.
The echo of the message from Saudi Arabia was with Saleh Al-Omari commenting, “I am a Saudi, by God the Great, when I hear the song, my body shudders and I feel a strange feeling as if I belong to this country, the country of the honorable and the free.” And here the real goal of art, especially music, is to roam the world with a purposeful message that builds and motivates and does not destroy and divide.
Blush is away

Whose words came easy, simple and influential at the same time by the poet Tamer Hussein, with the tune of Tamer Ali: “I love you, who occupies my heart day and night .. Balash is far away from Balash away from me and if it is again … this is the word of my country that you say to me continuously … This is your love for me in the world..O Egypt dictates Albal, you dwell in an atmosphere and my sentiments, by saying to you and I promise you that you will not be in another place .. This is my country dictates the world and who can dispense with his home .. Here and forgot, and here is the most beautiful age of his case.
You will find the speech follows the easy and abstaining manner, through the dialogue between Egypt and her son calling him and telling him how much he loves her, so that the loving son of his country responds with his gratitude for her beauty to him, and his love for her without other countries in a graceful sentence accompanied by a melody and nothing more wonderful, to find millions of comments from all over the world expressing The extent of her love for Egypt, especially when hearing her best songs with the sound of one of her great musical performances. Amr Diab is a successful and continuous journey that has crossed the thirty-year barrier.
To confirm this, Ibrahim Al-Taghalabi commented from Iraq: “I am Iraqi, but if I hear this song, I feel myself Egyptian .. My second country, Egypt, is the country of good people and civilizations … Amr Diab is the star of the stars.”

As if she is a beautiful girl who calls on you a secret that makes her always sweet in your eyes .. I will bewitch her love with her love..Cairo, get her, and the length of her night .. And share it with you .. And in the joy of your joy, you will rejoice and compliment you in it … People who revile you when they misjudge you and think about you. “
It was a surprise by all standards for the entire Arab world, not just Egyptians, in 2016, as the Egyptian pyramid appeared in singing The Plateau Amr Diab and King Mohamed Mounir, in a dazzling artwork from the very first moment, presenting the beauty of the Cairo Nile in a classy video clip, and distinctive words describing the magic of Cairo with its places and people, For your information, the clip is produced by Amr Diab himself, which confirms the love of Egyptian stars for her without charge, so you will find yourself amazed by seeing Munir and Diab together in a work on Cairo by Moez, in the words of Tamer Hussein, composed by Amr Diab and Ahmed Hussein.
What confirms the song’s message and its success in reaching millions and overcoming the continents, one of the influential comments on its video clip on YouTube, where it was very influenced by the nostalgia of Egypt and the goodness of its real people, Muhannad from Palestine commented: “When I came to Cairo to study I was afraid of alienation but thank God I completed Five years here and I have never felt alienated. Whenever I return to my country on vacations, I yearn to return to Egypt because it is my second country … and the best greeting to the dead people of Egypt … The best people on my head..A Palestinian Jerusalemite loves Egypt. “
Joy tonight

Tonight .. tonight .. tonight .. joy tonight and our country tonight has been the country of the world..dream and long for years you wish to see the eye .. for a moment what my country my country is singing to the world’s economy .. going to the world with one hand and a club .. will we rise in your name and in your picture my country And chanting tonight, go all over the world. ”
With these words, Diab opened his song to celebrate the national team, to find yourself in an unprecedented enthusiastic situation between a joy that we waited a lot, and words that moved your true love for Egypt from within your depths on the music of an authentic Egyptian artist. He was the first to share the long-awaited joy of the Egyptians.
Once the referee’s whistle heard the end of the match, millions of Egyptians jumped with joy to qualify for the World Cup after an absence of more than 3 decades, and Diab had his way of celebrating preparing a video clip with one of the famous soda water companies, reviewing the joy of all Egyptians in their national team to achieve the most expensive victory and obtain a ticket to Russia To represent Egypt in the World Cup 2018, to show the joy of Egyptians from homes, cafes, hospitals, restaurants, and of course the busy streets of youth, women, children and adults to share the joy.
The comment of Muhammad Yassin from Jordan was: “Amr Diab … you let me love Egypt..Al-Ahram..Nile..Dahab..Every place in Egypt because you are Egyptian .. # Greetings_from Jordan.”
Collect your love

The surprise was in the blessed month of Ramadan, when the plateau decided to look at his fans in these days that are beloved to the hearts of Egyptians and Arabs all, through the clip Gathering Your Beloved, which seeks to emphasize the importance of family warmth, friends, whatever the concerns of life, and nostalgia for the past and memories, where he flirted with memories of nostalgia to The beautiful past, reviewing his memories in the city of Sinhout in the Minya al-Qamh district in the Sharkia governorate, among his cousins ​​in Ghitan, while they were drinking a cup of authentic Egyptian tea.
Then the period of his stay in Port Said and played football on the beach with friends of time when re-present the moment he stood for singing for the first time with the Red Devils troupe, which he established with his colleagues more than 30 years ago, and the plateau was able to outperform himself, from his reappearance with friends of a lifetime With their real personalities without the help of any of their representatives, he sings the same song again, but he is the number one singer in the Egyptian and Arab world.
Ammar al-Shughri’s comment came from Syria with sweet and moving words, saying: “I am a Syrian and reside in Sweden and a lover of the plateau from the nineties, but the very first of the rich I heard tears, God gathers every expatriate with his family and companions .. And God forgives you, plateau.
O our country, my sweet

“O our country, you are sweet, sweet people, and sweet people in our country are many .. In the chaos of Samra and beautiful, you meet them smiling … Aswan and Nuba, the family of a sweet image portrays … Minya Sohag Qena in the heart near … Luxor, Asyut, houses in Gidna are known … oh our country, sweet people Sweet. “
Amr Diab began his pride and pride in the beauty of Egypt, starting from its upper part in the south to Matrouh in the far north, passing through the delta, where in the east, his country, “The Authentic Eastern My People and the Country of Generosity,” to complete his review of the governorates of the cities of Egypt, saying: “My heart fluttered like a flag on the land of Sinai. Port Said and Ismailia, too .. Oh, Swiss, I say and repeat about your heroes, a time .. O our country, my sweet, sweet people.
Diab did not only stand in the cities and governorates, but also returned to his courtship with Cairo in his cobble: “Shubra and ancient Egypt … Mar Gerges and Al-Hussein … and a church in Wesh Jameh … In our country the feast of Eid … look at the pyramids so that your love increases, so your life will be better on this day. “.
He continues with his talk about the Bride of the White Sea in Copley: “Morning upon Alexandria for its people and its people … precious high days in Agami and Shattha … Matrouh also, our good dear ones … I see the magic of the place. You will find all this where .. in our sweet country with sweet people.”
A wonderful artistic epic presented by Amr Diab with the imprint of his distinctive voice and the strong presence of the words of the distinguished poet Tamer Hussein, and signed by the distinguished director Tariq Al-Erian, companion of the path of the plateau to the world since the clip “Ya Nour Al-Ain” 1997.
This time, the comment came from the Sultanate of Oman through Nala Abdullah: “I am from the Sultanate of Oman and I lived in Egypt, the most beautiful people … I die in you and the best friendship of my life and the sweetest of my people … I am Amr Diab on the song, God willing … God protect you, salute to the plateau. Daughter of the Sultanate of Oman .. Greetings.

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