Amr Al-Laithi tells about Nour Al-Sharif’s will and the most difficult situation in his life


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Posted: Friday, August 14, 2020 – 14:44 | Last update: Friday, August 14, 2020 – 14:44

        Two days ago, the fifth anniversary of the death of the artist Nour al-Sharif, who left our world on August 11th.<p><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">We can't continue ... Mohamed Rashad: May Helmy was divorced 3 times<br/></a>

Journalist Amr Al-Laithi narrated some of the positions of the late Nour Al-Sharif, including the story of the name “Nour”, its beginnings and a difficult situation he was exposed to.

Al-Laithi said that Nour al-Sharif did not know that his name was “Muhammad Jaber Muhammad” except for the first grade, when they called him by this name and he did not reply until his teacher said to him, “You are Muhammad Jaber Muhammad, so he said,” No, I am Nur Ismail. He said to him, “You are not from today” Muhammad Jaber “to return to his aunt on that day to inform him of the fact that his father passed away at the age of nine months and that the one who raised him was his uncle Ismail, who was his idol in manhood and taught him” the pigeon gait “and the first time that a pigeon appeared in an Egyptian movie was in the movie” He went out and never came back. ” By the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani, and it was Nour Al-Sharif who took Mr. Muhammad Khan his house in the lady so that he could show him the defect above the roof.

He continued his story that when Nour al-Sharif joined the Film Institute, he worked as a compass so that he could pay the institute’s expenses. As he narrated, he participated in a play called “The Earthquake” and its late great media hero, Ahmed Samir, was directed by Professor Jalal Al-Sharqawi. Its name is “The Test”, directed by the great director Anam Muhammad Ali.

He continued, explaining that Nour al-Sharif considered himself one of the luckiest artists. In his graduation year in 1967, he won the title of the series “Cairo and the People” and a major role in the movie “Qasr Al-Shawq”, and the artist Adel Imam was the one who nominated him for his role in the movie “Qasr Al-Shawq”. There was no previous knowledge among them, but an imam saw him in the exams of the institute, playing the role of Hamlet, and brushing him for the great director Hassan Al-Imam, and for this role he received a certificate of appreciation, so it was the first prize he received in his artistic life, one of the most important roles of the great artist Nour al-Sharif was the role of Ismail El-Sheikh “in the movie” Karnak “, which is the story of the writer Naguib Mahfouz. He wrote the script and dialogue for him and was produced by the great producer and screenwriter Mamdouh El-Leithy, and directed by the great director Ali Badrakhan, and it is one of the most important Egyptian political films.

As for the most difficult situations in which he lived, he was filming one of the scenes in the movie “Karnak”, and they had obtained a permit to enter the People’s Assembly with great difficulty. He informed him of the news of the death of his mother. And he was required to appear very happy, while he was extremely sad over the death of his mother, who took her condolences on the same day at night.


The late Nour al-Sharif’s will before his death was to show him the series “Omar Bin Abdulaziz”, which is considered one of his most important roles and shaken his conscience.

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