Amin Dora opens the “door of hell”


The “Sabah Brothers” company, which is run by Sadiq Al-Sabah, continues its production in the field of short-episode series, the majority of which are presented on the “Shahid” application. The latter is joined under the mbc network and is witnessing financial support this period after the retreat of the Saudi network due to the spread of Corona virus and the freezing of the advertising market. Thus, “Sabah Brothers” is preparing for a new series called “Bab al-Hell” (written by Eli Keyrouz, Fouad Arsanius and David Latif) and directed by Amin Dora. The Lebanese director collaborates for the first time with the producing company with an eight-episode work that revolves in the astronomy of suspense. Filming of the new project will start at the beginning of this year, to be ready on one of the platforms for presentation shortly after its filming. She did not know the details of the work nor the stars who would be playing the championship. It is noteworthy that Dora achieved great success through the Arabic online drama series “Shankaboot”, which won the “Emmy” International Prize for Digital Business, in addition to many other awards.


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