American Charlotte Creations via Google for Culture and Arts – Think and Art – last page


Today, people from all over the world, with the help of Google’s engine, can enjoy a cultural experience that includes the past and present of the American city of Charlotte from their own computers. Google for Culture and Arts will display more than 3000 masterpieces and artworks, through keeping up with stories from some of the city’s institutions.

The site, launched in Europe last year, is designed to illuminate the social fabric of urban identities from around the world. Google’s partnership with Charlotte is an important milestone, as it is the first city in the American South to be illuminated and the third in the United States.

Simon Delacroix, the US official for “Google for Culture and the Arts”, says: “We hope that the people of Charlotte will feel really proud of having the page on Google.” There are world-class art institutions it is interesting to see coming together to highlight Charlotte’s identity. ”

De la Croix and his team usually carefully choose cities across the country, whose arts are rarely noticed.



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