America begins the last phase of an experiment on antibodies prepared in the laboratory


The US National Institutes of Health announced on Tuesday the start of large-scale clinical trials to test a drug specifically designed for the treatment of Covid-19.
The drug is an antibody to the emerging coronavirus, which it discovered in the blood of a sick recovered Canadian company, Abselera Biology, and developed for mass production by research labs, the US research firm Lily Research.Stage 3 experience (last stage) will start with attracting 300 volunteers all over the world who are patients who entered the hospital but with mild or moderate symptoms, and half of them will receive the medicine (by injection) and the other half will placebo in order to discover the true effectiveness of the treatment, and everyone will be treated naturally Against Covid-19.

In another branch of the clinical trial, synthetic antibodies will be tested in patients who have not been hospitalized. Antibodies are proteins that are spread by the immune system to attach to viruses that attack the body and prevent it from entering its cells.

The vaccines aim to stimulate the immune system to produce these antibodies in patients who are not infected with the virus, in a preventive manner according to several methods that are tested all over the world.

Another treatment option currently being evaluated is the injection of antibodies from people who have become infected and recovered, which is called “recovery plasma.”

This option, if proven effective, cannot be used widely, which explains the synthesis of in vitro antibodies called monoclonal antibodies.


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