Amal Al-Awadi advises her fans to “calm down” after leading the trend due to a complete change of her features


Cairo – Sama Jaber

  Tuesday, 25 August 2020 - 23:34    </span>

Kuwaiti actress Amal Al-Awadi is still the talk of the pioneers of communication sites after the spread of a video clip and pictures of her that appeared in them with a new look and completely changed features, which brought criticism to questions about the truth of these shocking images and their undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Amal Al-Awadi gives advice to the public

Despite Amal Al-Awadi’s admiration for her leading “trend” hours ago, her comment on the issue of publishing a new group of photos, and her mockery of those who focused on her face, she continued to comment indirectly on some of her criticisms.

Amal Al-Awadi advised her followers through the application of Snapchat, where some considered that her message expresses her dissatisfaction with the state of controversy raised around her, as she said: “Learn to give yourself sufficient time of calm .. a time free from the noise of the outside world .. only You and calm. ”

The Kuwaiti actress also continued to review her latest photos and details of her normal daily life, through some of the videos in which she appeared while practicing sports.

Criticism of Amal Al-Awadi after appearing with a swollen face

Amal Al-Awadhi confused observers after circulating videos and pictures showing her face severely swollen as well as completely changing features. Exaggerated, which caused controversy and issued by the communication sites.

The latest work of Amal Al-Awadi

It is worth noting that the artist Amal Al-Awadi appeared in the clip “Yalli Love You Death” with the artist Majid Al Mohandes, which was first presented last May. Rotana. ”


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