Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal match .. The Doping Committee responds to “Al-Alamy’s” request to conduct an analysis of the players of both teams (video)


Abdulaziz Al-Masad, CEO of the Doping Control Committee, responded to a club’s request Saudi victory The necessity of conducting an analysis for his team and Al Hilal players, before confronting them, on Wednesday evening, in the Saudi League.

Al-Nasr faces its counterpart Al-Hilal in the Riyadh derby, in the 23rd round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup.

The Al-Nasr administration had addressed the Saudi Federation in order to subject Al-Hilal and Al-Hilal players to the detection of doping.

“All clubs and unions have the right to address the committee directly,” Al-Masaad said in televised comments on Tuesday. “The victory speech has already arrived yesterday through the Saudi Football Association secretariat.”

He added: “But it must contain evidence with specific names in order to be dealt with .. No party has the right to request the committee to examine a certain without evidence and under certain conditions, that there be evidence on suspicion that doping has been taken in secret and that it is being investigated according to the international regulations, for that request It has a certain mechanism, not an aggregate. ”

He continued: “The committee does not accept requests for a random examination, except in exceptional cases, for example, a team participating in an external championship and they have the desire to do a targeted analysis to ensure that the players are free of doping, and in it a commission investigating the procedures is followed, and it has an approved program and cannot be interfered with as desired Or request. ”

And he added: “There must be equal checks for all clubs in the league. Last season we did tests for 22 players and the clubs have knowledge of conducting checks in the whole season, just as the doping committee is an independent committee that does not belong to any union, and any party has the right to address it with specific evidence and names, and victory is the first club The commission is asked to examine a particular. ”

Al Hilal tops the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, with a score of 51 points, and victory comes in Al Wasafa with 45 points.


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