Al-Mishichi adopts the option of “independent competencies” – one world – the Arabs


Yesterday, Prime Minister-designate Hicham El-Mechichi dealt a blow to the Ennahda movement when he announced his choice to form a government of independent competencies, which is opposed by the Ennahda movement, which is afraid to be excluded from the Mechanically-appointed government, which was appointed by Tunisian President Qais Said late last month.

Al-Meshishi justified this sudden move by the parties, with the big differences and rifts between them, which prevented reaching a consensus in a political government. Al-Meshishi announced his choice to form a government of independent competencies due to political differences between the parties. This option is considered a blow to the Ennahda movement, which confirmed hours before the announcement of the Mechanically that it adheres to a broad political government that brings together the largest possible number of parties.



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