Al-Ittihad newspaper – Turjuman Award will receive applications until next September


Sharjah (Al Ittihad)
The Sharjah Book Authority announced that it will continue receiving applications to participate in the fourth session of the Sharjah Translation Award “Tarjuman”, the first international award of its kind in the field of translation and authorship, until the first of next September, as part of its keenness to attract the largest number of creative participations. It contributes to enhancing the presence of Arab literature globally, and plays an active role in building bridges of civilized and human communication between different cultures.
The award culminates in the winner in its new session, during the activities of the 39th session of the Sharjah International Book Fair, as it opens the way for various international and Arab publishing houses, which have foreign translations, in any of the languages, to participate in more than one paper work – only one of them wins – Provided that the works are original and published in their first edition in the Arabic language, and that they are inspired in their contents by Arab or Islamic civilizations, by entering the following link:
Since its launch within the activities of the 35th session of the Sharjah International Book Fair, the award has made a quantum leap in the field of translation, and has worked to deliver Arabic literature to the shelves of international libraries, so that readers can get acquainted with the innovations of Arab culture, learn about its creative treasures, and mobilize visions in order to improve the reality of translation And introducing Western societies to the legacy and history of the Arab and Islamic civilizations, and its role in enriching humanity with books and research in various scientific and literary fields.


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