Al-Ittihad newspaper – Israel confirms holding talks with Sudan


Asma Al-Husseini, agencies (Cairo, Khartoum)

Yesterday, Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen confirmed that there are talks with Sudan, and that Israel hopes to reach a peace agreement that includes the return of Sudanese refugees to their country.
This comes, while the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs relieved its spokesman, Haidar Badawi Al-Sadiq, from his post, after his statement about the existence of contacts with Israel.
Al-Sadiq said yesterday, “There is no reason for the continuation of hostility between Sudan and Israel,” adding: “I cannot deny the existence of contacts between the two countries.” However, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry issued a statement later, in which it said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs received with astonishment the statements of Ambassador Haider Badawi Sadiq, the ministry’s spokesman, about Sudan’s endeavor to establish relations with Israel.” And she continued, “Ambassador Haidar Badawi has not been assigned to make any statements in this regard.”
For his part, Al-Sadiq, after being dismissed from his post, called on the Sudanese to “reconcile with Israel.” And he addressed a message to the Sudanese, saying: “Reconnect with Israel.”
He said in his message: “We are an ancient people who know their interests well, and we will not be content with unequal relations such as those established by the former regime with some of our Arab brothers, and we will not normalize our relations with you except with a peer-to-peer logic.”
On the other hand, the diplomat, exempt from his duties, called on the United States to “remove the sacred name of Sudan, which was defiled by obsession, from the list of states sponsoring terrorism immediately.” Sadiq pointed out that this message was written by him “as a free Sudanese citizen, the revolution of a free people enabled him to speak out with his opinion, not just as an ambassador in charge of the Foreign Ministry. The revolution brought him back to his position.”


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