Al-Ahly Club news: “Hours have officially left” .. Al-Ahly is trying to resolve its star file


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Saudi 360 – Al-Ahly club is trying to resolve the team’s star file hours before the resumption of the remaining matches of the Saudi Professional League competition.

The Saudi newspaper, Al-Iqtisadiya, revealed that Al-Ahly’s administration headed by Abdul-Ilah Moamina is trying to agree with Salman Al-Moasher to renew his contract so that he can participate with the soccer team in the remaining matches of the current season.

Al-Ahly moves to resolve Salman Al-Moasher’s file:

The Saudi Football Association has sent a circular to the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League clubs informing about the players whose contracts have ended, the deadline for receiving requests to extend the contracts is next Monday.

The index stipulated that he be in arrears, which is valued at about 6 million riyals, before his professional contract, which officially expired, was renewed, so if he is not renewed, he will not participate with the team in the remaining matches of the current season.

The Saudi newspaper reported that there are continuous attempts to resolve the index file prior to the closure of the TMS system for registering professional players.

Al-Moasher participated with Al-Ahly in 15 games in the Saudi Professional League competition this season and scored a goal, while providing two decisive passes to his teammates.

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly club has closed the file of goalkeeper Yasser Al-Musaylim by renewing his contract for the next 3 years after he was handed over part of his dues and scheduled the last part of it.

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