Ahmed Fahmy deceives here Zahid while playing .. And the artist responds: A book .. Video


The artist here Zahid shared her audience with a video of her husband, artist Ahmed Fahmy, during the game “Monopoly”, which is similar to the game of the Bank of Fortune, with Mohamed Attia, during their summer vacations, and commented on the video through the Story feature on “Instagram”: “Our Night”, and it appeared in the video, which is He tries to trick her and explains to her how to play wrong, commenting, “Away’s letter.”

Here is ascetic

And the artist here, Zahed, her husband, the star Ahmed Fahmy, in a video, which she published via “Story”, teased her own account on Instagram, where she posted here the video as she photographed Ahmed Fahmy, and asked him to imitate her, saying “Can you imitate me, Ahmed quickly,” and he said Ahmed Fahmy, and he changed the tone of his voice, “I want him”, so Zahid did not possess herself from laughter, and Fahmy added the same tone of voice, “We will do what”, then repeat it again at her request.


On the other hand, the movie “The Washing Machine” starring actress Hana Al Zahid and artist Ahmed Hatem, the Google search engine, was released after its showing in the Egyptian cinema since the blessed Eid Al-Adha pause, which issued cinema revenues, as it achieved Friday night in the second day of its offer of one million pounds, to become Total revenues since its inception million and 167 thousand pounds, and it is expected to increase revenues during the days of Eid al-Adha, and beyond.

The movie “The Washing Machine” stars co-starring Mahmoud Hamida, Ahmed Hatem and Hana Al Zahed, in addition to Mohamed Salamam, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fathi and Taher Abu Leila, with guests of honor Mohamed Tharwat, Mahmoud Al-Leithy and Ali Al-Tayeb, in addition to a special appearance for the star Sherine Rida.


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