Ahmed Ezz kisses Lotfi Labib’s hand after crying on the stage


A kind gesture made by the artist Ahmed Ezz In the right of the artist Lotfi Labib, While attending the latter’s performance of the play “Aladdin”.

Ahmed Ezz honors Lotfi Labib

Eagerness Ahmed Ezz A greeting Lotfi Labib In a very special way while attending the theatrical show “Aladdin”, after the end of the show, Ezz said in the microphone that he wanted to greet a great artist who participated in the success of many stars’ works at the beginning of their artistic career, wishing him health and wellness.

Ahmed Ezz got off the stage and went to a chair Lotfi Labib Who seemed deeply affected, and took him to the stage amid warm applause from the audience who stood for him in appreciation of his busy artistic career.

As for the most touching moments, it was the moment Lutfi Labib cried and Ahmed Ezz embraced him while kissing his head and hand.

Magdy Al-Hawari comments on honoring Lotfi Labib
Magdy Al-Hawari, director of the play “Aladdin”, was keen to comment on this exceptional moment that the show witnessed. He published pictures of Ahmed Ezz with Lotfi Labib and commented: “An exceptional performance night, in order to protect us from life. The profession of # art adopts the preservation of the rest of human relations … you enlivened and honored Professor # Lotfi Labib, your tears confirm to us that we are still alive … Praise be to God and thanks to God for the blessing of appreciation. The audience’s stance when you ascended the stage indicates a balance in the hearts of people who make happiness. ”

The audience interacted with the moving footage of Lutfi Labib, wishing him health and wellness, and thanking Ahmed Ezz for his kind gesture that surprised the mighty star himself and made him feel the people’s love for him.

Lotfi Labib’s disease

It is noteworthy that Lotfi Labib went through a severe health crisis, as he suffered a stroke, which affected the left side of his body and prevented him from moving normally.

Because of Lutfi Labib’s health, he indicated that he can no longer participate in many artworks, but he will not isolate art.

Lotfi Labib appeared in Ramadan 2020 through the comedy series “Men of the House”, with artist Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosni.


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