After years of delay .. Is Amr Diab running in a dramatic competition on Netflix?


A surprise announced by Netflix several days ago about the return of Egyptian star and singer Amr Diab to the drama again, simple words, but it was widely spread and thousands of posts and questions about the nature of the series that Amr Diab returns to the acting after 27 years.

Amr Diab commented on the matter on his official page on Twitter, through a tweet in which he said, “Very happy to cooperate with Netflix in this new artistic work. I am one of the firmest believers that art is a global language, and now with this dramatic work I am very excited with Netflix that we reach More than 193 million followers in more than 190 countries around the world, to enjoy new artistic content made in Egypt and enjoyed by the whole world.

The last work in which Amr Diab starred was the movie “Laugh, Play, Found and Love” with the late international star Omar Sharif and the Egyptian actress Yousra, after which many rumors spread about Diab’s comeback again, but this has not been achieved over the past years.

Rumors and crises

For more than 10 years, there are rumors about Amr Diab and that he will embody his life journey in a movie called “Al-Fameh”, so that it is approaching the ground to come out in the form of artistic statements from collaborators at work. 2016 Writer Wissam Sabry confirmed that he is writing the film after Medhat Al-Adl apologized for writing about differences between him and director Tariq Al-Aryan, and that he was no longer a movie and became a series with the same title “Al-Fameh”.

At the time, writer Medhat Al-Adl told Egyptian newspapers in April 2016 that he apologized for the series because whenever the director changed, a new director came with various modifications, indicating that the series would be directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal and then moved to Rami Imam and then ended with Tariq Al-Aryan, and stressed It is unreasonable for the idea of ​​the series to be completely modified whenever the director changes.

Diab had confirmed in media statements with Amr Adib on the Egyptian “ON TV” channel, that he was preparing for a series and a movie that would soon enter filming, but this did not happen.

At the same time in 2016, director Tarek El-Erian stated that he did not know anything about the series, because producer Tamer Morsi contacted him and informed him to postpone filming because Amr Diab is afraid of acting, or not being the first star, and indicated that Diab may not star in the series. As did Mohamed Mounir in the series “Al-Mughni”.

In 2018, talk returned again about the Amr Diab series and movie, as director Tariq Al-Erian confirmed that he was working with Amr Diab on the series of fame, and that they had signed a film also starring Diab, written by author Tamer Habib.

In statements to an Egyptian TV channel, Tamer Habib confirmed that he is writing a movie for Amr Diab directed by Tariq Al-Erian, and it revolves around a big star who accidentally meets a girl who is not from his audience and falls in love with her.

Crises also followed this film and was subject to many postponements, until director Tariq Al-Erian confirmed in statements to Egyptian newspapers in August 2019 that the project had died, and that Diab did not wish to enter the competition with others, being the first Egyptian and Arab star in the music scene.


In 2017, a picture of Amr Diab gathered by the artist Dina El-Sherbiny was published, and rumors chased them a lot, especially about their marriage, and Amr Diab commented on the picture as a picture of the film team that co-starred Dina El-Sherbiny, where the producer Tamer Morsi was also present in the picture. However, this work did not appear, and disappeared, as the previous advertisements for the expected artwork disappeared.

Sami Al-Adl

In an old meeting with the late actor and producer Sami Al-Adl in 2010 with the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, he assured her that Amr Diab would not return to acting again because he is smart and knows where his stardom is.

In the same meeting, he assured her that if Amr Diab returned to acting, he would sign a film contract with him for 50 million pounds, and if he wanted to perform a series, he would give him 100 million pounds, indicating that he had contracted with Amr Diab since 1998 to star in a film that was not implemented.

Now the most important question remains: Can Amr Diab come back to stand in front of the cameras as an actor? Especially since his contract this time with a global network, or is filming postponed again?

It is noteworthy that Amr Diab has 4 cinematic experiences, as he appeared as a guest of honor in the movie “The Two Sigeen”, then he starred in “Elfrit”, “Ice Cream in Gleem”, and “Laugh, Play, Found and Love.”


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