After the media shroud about his presence in the elderly shelter … the family of the artist Antoine Kerbaj is breaking its silence


The children of the artist Antoine Kerbaj: Walid Worley, Mazen Kerbaj, and his wife, Laurier Kerbaj, issued a statement explaining what was circulated on social media about their father’s health condition.
And it says:
“We inform you, knowing that our beloved actor Antoine Kerbaj has been suffering for six years from the incurable Alzheimer’s disease, which requires medical attention and specialized monitoring on a daily basis.

The Elderly Care Center at St. George’s Hospital (Al-Roum Hospital), where Antoine Kerbaj has been staying since February 2020, is carrying out medical follow-ups and providing the necessary care for him.

We liked to keep the matter in the right place where it should be, in the family and private sphere. But after the Lebanese media reported, we needed to clarify the matter.

We thank all Antoine Kerbage’s fans, fans, fans, journalists and art workers for their love, dedication and support for Antoine Kerbaj’s artistic career throughout his years of success. Without you, this march would not have been as you knew it.

All we hope for today is respect for the family’s privacy, and we wish your support in this regard. ”

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