After “The Harami” .. Ahmed Fawzi Saleh reveals the story of the 10-minute episodes


He said The scriptwriter Ahmed Fawzi Saleh He considers the experience of presenting his series “Al-Harami” as a challenge for him to keep pace with technological changes and the boom of electronic platforms, which led to a difference in the recipient’s taste and his desire to pursue good fast business at the same time..

Fawzi stated in press statements that he graduated from the Cinema Institute from the script section, and loves to write very much, but he realized that the quality of films he prefers takes a very long time in the production process, whether in finding the necessary funding or because it basically needs a great time in writing and preparing for it then Work on implementing them, and this period usually ranges between 3 – 5 years, so during his presence at the Venice Festival he met with a group of directors from the Philippines and presented them with this problem, that this quality needs years to finish from one of them, although you have other obligations in life do not I have endured this pause for consecutive years, so they told him that they have a large industry for television and cinema, and between the movie and the next they present different and fast TV works, with the utmost passion and love, because they benefit them in their basic cinematic projects that need a long time to implement.

He continued that he had heeded the advice of his Filipino colleagues, and decided to go through this experiment, so he started work on a project that he composed entirely, called “Injustice of the Mastaba”, but he did not see the light, then he contracted again on the work of Miramar and Al-Harafish Naguib Mahfouz, but due to many circumstances, you did not see these projects Light, and there may be hope for it to reappear.

On the scenes of the work on the “Grand Theft” series, Fawzi explained that with the proliferation of viewing platforms, a new drama and a new style of writing appeared, which he had a great passion about, so the idea from the beginning is that the new generation has a close relationship with the mobile phone, and hardly leaves. His hand all day long, he must make a strong and fast drama that the viewer can follow on the mobile phone, and create stories that revolve in places limited to a limited number of actors, and succeed in reaching the recipient with his various new interests.

From this standpoint, work has already begun on the “Harami” project at the end of 2019, as it is based on the idea of ​​a series of 10 episodes, each episode lasting 10 minutes, in order to keep pace with the idea of ​​speed and viewing on the mobile phone, and invoked an article by Wael Abdel Fattah named ” A tale of Hirami, “he had previously read it and admired it and decided to convert it into a drama, adding:” Then we left to address and follow up on episodes and two levels, we develop the idea and the story, then we wrote 5 episodes of me and the screenwriter Mohamed Barakat, and the director Mohamed Salama was settled“.

He added that, until now, the work of a second part of “Al-Harami” has not been settled or not, and about his new works, and Saleh revealed that he is working on a short series project, the duration of the episode is from 20 to 25 minutes with the director Karim Al-Shinnawi, in addition to having another project for the duration of the episode There is 50 minutes in it, and also a new feature film project with the writer Ahmed Amer is still in the stage of writing the script, perhaps filming may begin after two or three years, and it is a continuation of the world that he started in “living skin” and “poisoned rose”, not a tanner world but a scientist Those who are on the sidelines of the city, this time to enter the world of “Al Arabiya and Karoo drivers”, in an attempt to monitor the major changes that are taking place now in the city of Cairo at the level of infrastructure and the removal of slums, and is biased in it for change, modernity and renewal, as well as its use of a famous Shakespearean story.

“Al-Harami”, starring Rania Youssef, Bayoumi Fouad, Rana Rais, Ahmed Dash, Caroline Azmy and Ahmed Fathi, written by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh and Mohamed Barakat, and directed by Mohamed Salama.


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