After the failure of the Newcastle deal .. the English Premier League rejects a Saudi offer to buy the rights to broadcast “Premier League”


London – “Arab Jerusalem”:

The site, “Yahoo” sports, said that the English Football Association, has rejected a Saudi offer to purchase broadcasting rights to games Premier League in Saudi Arabia.

According to the website, the association refused to discuss an offer made by Saudi businessmen on behalf of the Saudi sovereign fund.

The site indicated that the Saudi offer tried to circumvent the ruling of the World Trade Organization, which held Saudi Arabia responsible for hacking network channels BN Sports.

One of the issues raised by critics of the proposed deal was Saudi Arabia’s response to illegal broadcasts of Premier League matches in the country.

A committee affiliated to the World Trade Organization ruled last month that Saudi Arabia violated global regulations on intellectual property rights by not taking measures against Piracy For the content of the Qatar Sports Network (BN Sports) via (PQ).

In turn, the group “Bn Sports” exposed the Saudi authorities, who had previously claimed victory in the cases filed in the World Trade Organization, and asked how those who claim victory in the courts to return and appeal the ruling?

The suspension of the network, which includes a number of sports and entertainment channels and channels, coincided with the filing of an appeal by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on issues brought by the group in international forums to restore its rights after the piracy operations it was subjected to.

The group said: “After the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spent the past six weeks telling the world how the decision of the World Trade Organization was“ totally innocent of the Kingdom ”, it returned to appeal against the case it was claiming its decisive victory before.

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the piracy of broadcasting the English Premier League matches broadcast on “BN Sports” in addition to the kingdom’s poor record in the field of human rights, especially the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, played a role in the failure of the Saudi purchase deal for English club Newcastle.

Last Thursday, an investment group supported by the Saudi Public Investment Fund announced that it had withdrawn its interest in the acquisition Newcastle United Club Competitor in the English Premier League football.

Reports said the group, which also includes BCB Capital Partners and Robin Brothers, had made a 300-million-pound ($ 391 million) bid to buy Newcastle from British businessman Mike Ashley.

“With our great respect for Newcastle fans and the club’s standing in the football world, we made a decision to withdraw our interest in acquiring the club,” the group added. We deeply regret this. We were very excited to invest in the ancient city of Newcastle and we believed in our ability to bring the club back to the place befitting its history, traditions and the loyalty of its fans. ”

“Unfortunately, the fact that the process took so long under the current circumstances and the uncertainty surrounding the world has made potential investment a non-commercially viable step,” the group said.

The Premier League Board of Directors conducted a review of the takeover bid as part of the “Owners and Managers Test”, which assesses the legal and financial eligibility of new owners to join the competition club owners.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said last month that the Saudi offer to acquire Newcastle United had become complicated.

The group added: “In the end, during the unexpectedly prolonged process, the trade agreement between the investment group and the club’s owners ended and we could not continue our offer to take over the club.”


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