After stopping due to “Corona” … an additional $ 200 for travel by air to Syria


Eleven Syrian embassies in Arab and foreign countries have opened registration for those wishing to return to Syria.

Yesterday, Sunday, August 16, the Syrian Ministry of Transport requested by “Facebook“Contact the Syrian embassies in: Cairo, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Khartoum, Manama, Moscow, Algeria, Baghdad, to register requests for return.

The ministry explained that this allows the government team in charge of confronting the “emerging corona” virus (Covid-19) to prepare the “Syrian Airlines” flight program.

The ministry stated that the returnees are allowed to leave home, after conducting a test for the Coronavirus, and staying at the Ebla Sham Hotel in exchange for an additional $ 200 for the plane ticket.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers issued a decision, which came into effect at the beginning of this August, requiring Syrian citizens and those in their position to exchange 100 US dollars, or its equivalent in a foreign currency, upon their entry into Syria, provided that the disbursement is in accordance with the customs and aviation exchange rates bulletin.

Today, Monday, August 17, the Ministry of Interior issued A generalization With the controls and instructions for the entry of Syrians and foreigners into Syria from Lebanon.

According to the circular, those wishing to enter are required to present an analysis document.PCRWhich includes a negative 96-hour corona virus test result.

As for those departing to Lebanon via “Beirut” airport, holding a flight reservation and having a visa or residence abroad, the Ministry stated that they must be present 24 hours before the plane’s date, with a presentation of a “PCR” analysis.

On the 11th of last July, the government team concerned with dealing with the “Corona” virus opened the door to return to Syria from the legitimate border outlets with Lebanon, on the condition that the “PCR” test be performed in accredited Lebanese hospitals, and entry into Syria within a period not exceeding 18 hours from the issuance of the test result. .

On May 13, the team permanently suspended the entry of Syrians abroad.

وسجلت Ministry of Health In the regime government there are 1593 cases of Coronavirus, 403 have recovered, and 60 have died.


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