After proposing to produce a series to immortalize it … Who embodies Doctor Al-Ghalaba Muhammad Mashali?


There have been reports over the past few hours of an intention to embody the life of the late doctor Mohamed Mashali in a great series, which found great resonance and welcome from all circles, especially since Mashali’s character includes human meanings and noble values, which are rarely found in this way in a person. A time when matter and gasping for money are overwhelmed in many ways.

After proposing to embody Mashally’s character, fellow artists nominated them for this role, where they drew the character and saw that it applies to those who have chosen them to embody it in front of the cameras.

Actress Wafa Amer was the first to demand the production of a series on the life of the late Dr. Mohamed Mashali, as she was welcomed from inside and outside the artistic community, so producer Mohamed Fawzy announced his readiness to produce the series during the coming period.

In press statements, Amer nominated the artist, Mohamed Sobhi, who she believed was the favorite to star in the series. She revealed the reason for choosing Sobhi, explaining: “He is the closest to the late Dr. Mohamed Mashali in terms of form and substance.”

She indicated that Mohamed Sobhi is a white-handsome owner and enjoys the values ​​of mercy and humanity, which are great meanings that he embodied in most of his works throughout his artistic career, adding: “Muhammad Sobhi and Muhammad Mashali share human values, and therefore Subhi will be the most able to embody this role.”

The artist, Nabil Al-Halafawi, saw that Fathi Abdel Wahab was the most appropriate, without specifying reasons for this choice.

Al-Halfawi refused to embody the role, because he needed an actor at a younger age, which made his followers ask him to play his role while he was in his old age.

A number of Al-Halafawi followers also nominated other names to play the role of Mashali, such as: Adel Imam, Ahmed Helmy, Abdulaziz Makhion, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Sayed Ragab, Alaa Morsi.

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