After inconsistencies in Corona tests … Qurtaba proves the opposite


In a statement, the mayor of Qurtuba in the Jbeil district of Fadi Martinos congratulated the people of the town after the results of the last Corona examinations were issued, from the Ministry of Public Health, yesterday evening, which came entirely negative, declaring that “the town is free of the virus, not infected, and has been and will continue to be the star of the country Jbeil. “He said, “We have exerted all our energies, and we have made the necessary contacts with the Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan, in order to complete the issuance of the results, despite the holiday of Eid al-Adha and Army Day, to reassure our worried people.”

And the people pledged, “We were and still will be with you, and at your side in all circumstances. The municipality of Qurtuba, as president and members, can only assure the certainty that it is keen to ensure the health of its people in the town and neighborhood and all the towns of the Jbeil district, and that it is totally indebted to everything that addresses your safety and your good. And you will always be at your side and at your service, and we will have a media look soon, to clarify all the details and circumstances. “

He declared that the municipality is “awaiting the results of the investigation of the Ministry of Public Health, regarding the inconsistency that has occurred around the results, from positive to negative, to build on the legal requirement of the matter, and to hold those who prove their fault, negligence or negligence in this regard accountable.”

He called on the people to “persevere and adhere to the preventive measures and directives of the Ministry of Public Health, in relation to fighting the Corona epidemic, to avoid infection and limit its spread.”


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