After her separation from Mohamed Rashad .. Mai Helmy: I do not have to justify something


The Egyptian media crossedMay HelmyAbout her annoyance about interfering with her personal life after her separation from her husband, the Egyptian artistMuhammad Rashad​.
And she wrote on her own page: “You are not a single word with all the disgust in the world: You are your money .. All of Egypt followed and asked with every intrusion .. You are your money .. Really my decision was correct, that my personal life does not exist.”
And she continued: “And the glory of Jalal Allah, every screen shot by taking it and every lack of literature you write, take it and report, and whoever tells you about the Internet investigation, there is no need to call it cases of defamation of a public figure, this is not the first time, and the one who tells you its origin is not original and you are standing beside him and frightening him at her home, even though we explained the topic 40 thousand times … by saying what I am, I do not have to justify anything. “
And she added, “This time, I will not lose, if I have a mood, I say something we will say if I don’t say, in my mood .. You are the one who is divorced and not divorced .. You are interested in knowing our life more than us, you are your money, I say you increase the number of Fulwars and Alex I have thank you.”


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