After excluding Drogba … “FIFA” calls for the Ivory Coast Football Association to suspend its presidential elections



FIFA sent a letter to the Côte d’Ivoire Football Federation calling on it to cancel its presidential elections after the latter refused to nominate former striker Didier Drogba for the presidency.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Election Commission of the Ivory Coast rejected Drogba’s candidacy for the presidency, saying that the former scorer lacks the eligibility to run, as he only received two first-class clubs nominations, while he needs at least three.

“We request the suspension of all procedures related to the electoral process until further notice,” read the letter sent by FIFA to the Ivory Coast.

The electoral team of the former Chelsea striker said he was expecting this decision from the Ivory Coast.

Drogba’s file included three clubs, including the famous Africa Sport, but the latter was not approved because the nomination was signed by the club’s vice president and not its supportive president for the league’s president, Suri Diabaté (who won the support of six first-class clubs).

Drogba indicated in his file the support of the Referees Association, but in this case also, the nomination was from a person “who does not have the ability to legally bind the Rulers League,” according to the Electoral Commission.

Drogba has five days to turn to the appeal committee.

The former captain of the “Elephants” team was slapped in mid-July, when the Ivorian Players’ Association refused to support him.

In addition to 42-year-old Drogba, Idriss Diallo, former vice president of the federation who is backed by the Players’ League and former stars such as Cyril Dumoru and Bonaventure Kalou, and current vice president and league chief Suri Diabate, who is backed by former players Didier Zokora, Youssef Fofana and Abdoulaye Traoré, is also running.

It is noteworthy that Drogba retired from football in 2018 after he arrived and toured many international leagues, and his most prominent experiences were with Chelsea, with whom he won the UEFA Champions League in 2012, and the title of “Premier League” 4 times.

Drogba was named the best player on the continent twice, in 2006 and 2009.

Source: AFP


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